Carlos Alberto Parreira: "The players nicknamed him 'the Professor'. His presence on the bench alone was a sign of great strength and reassured the players - a sort of link between the past and the future."

He was my coach:
Ronaldo: "He was one of the greatest Brazilian players of his generation and, after winning the World Cup four times, he has left a permanent mark on Brazilian football. It is an honour for me to have worked with him."

Carlos Alberto (Brazil captain in 1970): "The 1970 Seleção, which I consider the best of all time, began to be put together in 1969 by Joao Saldanha, who called up most of the side from FC Santos. When he took over, Zagallo was intelligent enough not to bring that into question, but he added his own touch, particularly in terms of modifying the tactics. After putting the Seleção on the right track, he organised a round of ten warm-up games, which resulted in eight wins, two draws, 26 goals scored and only five conceded. The confidence had come back as had the understanding between the players. He was fundamental in winning the title."