Giorgio Bocca (Italian writer)
Vittorio Pozzo found himself at the head of the Azzurri without having been either a coach by trade or a football administrator. Instead, he was simply a Piedmontese native who felt a strong attachment to the values of his region and a man for whom words and work were sacred. He was an officer in the mountain infantry at the height of Fascism. He liked the trains to run on time but he never locked himself into a rigid structure.

Gianpaolo Ormezzano (Italian writer)
Vittorio Pozzo managed to lead the Azzurri by keeping them distant from pressures at a time when the Fascist regime wanted to use them as a propaganda tool. Pozzo never pretended to be an anti-fascist but he was never used by those in power. That discretion was the only way of preventing the Azzurri from becoming Mussolini's team.