"Sepp Herberger was a formidable figure of authority. Discipline, good conduct and punctuality were very important to him. He himself lived by the standards he expected of his players. He never smoked or drank, but he was well aware of all his players' vices. He would punish you for misconduct. It could end up with you not being allowed to play any more. He always spoke to me personally if something was up."
Horst Eckel (Former international and 1954 FIFA World Cup winner)

"Sepp Herberger - who we all simply knew as 'Chief' - was the father of our success. As captain, I was his right-hand man on the field of play, and I was privy to all his plans. I could hardly believe it in the bus on the way to the Final at the Wankdorf stadium in Berne: it was raining so hard, the windscreen wipers were going at double speed! I was sitting next to the Chief. Herberger put his hand on my knee and said: 'Your weather, Fritz.' I answered: 'Fine by me, Chief.'"
Fritz Walter (captain of the 1954 FIFA World Cup winning team)