A brief history...
Club Atlético Independiente Football Club came into being at the start of the last century in Buenos Aires. The club was the brainchild of a group of youngsters who worked in a shop and were frustrated at not being able to play for the club of the company concerned.

In 1904, the managers of "La ville de Londres", a luxury store on the famous Avenue de Mayo, had founded a club called Maipu Banfield in order to take part in an inter-company league. The younger employees, like the managers, had to pay their contributions, but were only permitted to watch the games.

On 4 August 1904, the youngsters met up in a city centre bar and decided to become "independents" by creating their own club. And so it was that el Independiente Football Club was born. The group's leader, Rosendo Degiorgi, was quickly appointed temporary chairman, not least because his family was providing the group with a small apartment, the first headquarters of the fledgling club.

The club's official deed of foundation was supposed to be ratified on 1 January 1905, but no doubt because of the previous night's New Year celebrations, the necessary quorum was not reached and the club's official registration had to wait until the next meeting on 25 th March.

Initially, Independiente sported a white shirt with blue sleeves, but in 1908, the famous red shirt with white cuffs was introduced. According to the legend, Aristides Langone, the chairman at the time, was so impressed with the football played by the English team Nottingham Forest while on tour in Argentina that he adopted their colours.

As the years passed, the Red Devils from Avellaneda became cup specialists, winning no fewer than seven Copa Libertadores in eleven years, four of them consecutively between 1972 and 1975 against Universitario (PER), Colo Colo (CHI), Sao Paulo (BRA) and Union Espanola (CHI), a record that stands to this day. Independiente have also contested six Toyota Cups, tasting victory on two occasions.