The official emblem of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Tahiti 2013 has been launched exactly one year out from the tournament’s opening day.

The symbol of the first FIFA tournament to be held in a Pacific Island nation consists of a stylised sun and waves, representing the climate and environment of beach soccer competitions in a whimsical and friendly way.

The reference to the country and year where the competition takes place is referenced through a special typographic treatment. In this case the words Tahiti 2013 are arranged to evoke the traditions, music and tattoo patterns that are characteristic of the Tahitian way of life.

Local elements are embedded within the wave pattern – in this case, a series of interlocking lozenge shapes, reminiscent of hand-crafted necklaces or tattoo patterns which are so characteristic of the Tahitian way of life.

Reigning world champions Russia along with Spain, Ukraine and the Netherlands have qualified as European representatives, while all other confederations are yet to conclude their qualifying campaigns.

Tahiti, as host nation, qualify automatically for the seventh edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup which will be held 18-28 September 2013.