Alexandre Soares, Brazil coach
I don’t think that we’re any weaker than in previous years, instead it’s the standard of the other teams that has shot up. For example Italy have improved no end in the last five or six years and there’s a real buzz about the sport here. Then there’s Russia, where up until ten years ago beach soccer didn’t even exist, and now they are a winning team, European champions no less. The next match, whether it’s against Nigeria or against Tahiti, will be the first of three finals that we have to play.

Ruy Ramos, Japan coach
If we had played before like we did today, things would have turned out differently. Against Brazil you saw the real Japan. We battled and had more shots at goal, showing that we can give strong teams like them a run for their money. I don’t know why we only got into gear at the end of the campaign. The first match wasn’t bad but we weren’t able to maintain the same concentration and the same grit, perhaps it’s a mental issue.