Audu Adamu, Nigeria coach
I said at the start of the tournament that we would qualify for the second stage. We’ve come on in leaps and bounds since the start of the competition. That’s also because, not having a national league, we knew that we would improve from match to match. Now we’re ready to face Brazil, it won’t exactly be a stroll but we’ll make a fight of it. At Dubai 2009 they beat us 11-5 but we’re not the same team, we’re stronger. I’ll say it again, we’ll fight to take Nigeria into the world’s top four.

Fabrice Marchand, Tahiti assistant coach
We played well over the course of the three matches. Perhaps today we could have done more and achieved our dream of playing against Brazil in the quarter-finals, which was a real goal for us. In any case we’re happy with what we have done, especially because ours is a young team and we have a long way to go yet. We have a wealth of experience to take with us into the next World Cup, where we’ll be playing at home.