Football in Zimbabwe
Football is clearly the number one sport in Zimbabwe, both in terms of the number of active players and attendances at matches. The Zimbabwean national team is currently among the Top 10 in Africa, mainly due to their many appearances in international competitions organised by FIFA, CAF and COSAFA (Confederation of South African Football Associations) at senior and junior level, as well as in women's football. In Group 6 of the qualifying round for the African Cup of Nations 2004, Zimbabwe finished second behind Mali despite having the same number of points. Their inferior goal difference proved to be crucial in the end. Zimbabwe have won the COSAFA Cup once (2000), and the national youth team has won the COSAFA Cup twice. The women's team is among the Top 5 in Africa and qualified for the Final of the COSAFA Women's Cup in 2002. Over 20 Zimbabwean players currently play professional football in South Africa. Other players have made the breakthrough in Europe, including Peter Ndlovu (Sheffield United, England) and Banjani Mwaruwaru (Auxerre, France). George Shaya has been crowned Zimbabwe Player of the Year five times.
The Goal Project
The association has had its own headquarters since 1982. Zimbabwe therefore has other priorities. It first decided to intensify the education of coaches at the grassroots level, as there were severe shortcomings in this area. With the remaining funds, the association has managed to build a training centre in Harare in which school lessons and training sessions can be conducted in the best possible environment. The costs were covered by Goal, FIFA's Financial Assistance Programme, the association and private sponsors.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Youth development programme
Project approved
4 March 2002
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 65,000 NA USD 185,000 Others USD 20,000 Total cost USD 670,000