Football in Yemen
Football takes pride of place in the sporting life of Yemen. In recent years, former top players have been assuming responsibilities in the youth sector at the national association. The fact that Yemen have qualified for the FIFA U-17 World Championship in Finland is an achievement that, only a short while ago, they would never have dreamed of. Never before has a Yemeni team qualified for a FIFA final competition. The hard work being undertaken with young players is now being reflected in the senior national team. It scored a noteworthy triumph by coming second at the 2001/2002 Al-Aqsa Cup.
The first Goal Project
The association headquarters with an adjacent pitch inaugurated in Sana'a in December 2003 enables domestic and international activities to be coordinated more efficiently. The funds were supplied by Goal, the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme, national association and Government, the latter also donating the land that was needed to realise the project. The complex affords ideal facilities for training programmes, meetings, conferences and seminars. The various national teams can train for their international matches and league matches can be played on the turf pitch. The new facilities will allow the most promising talent in every age category at youth level to come together and talent spotting and training courses to be held. The association headquarters and pitch will play a key role in planning and conducting long-term development work.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
National association building in Sanaa
Project approved
4 July 2001
Opened on 20 December 2003
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 100,990 Government Land Total cost USD 500,990