Football on the British Virgin Islands
Football is the number one sport but its development has been jeopardised by a lack of sporting infrastructure and a dearth of football facilities in particular. However, thanks to the funding provided by FIFA through its Financial Assistance Programme, the association has been able to establish a permanent administration, which will oversee football on all of the islands.
The Goal Project
On 22 September 2004, the Goal Bureau approved plans to build a national technical centre on the main island of the British Virgin Islands. The association had faced problems finding an appropriate location because of a shortage of flat land on Tortola, where the association's headquarters are situated. Eventually, a plot was found on government-owned property. The new project will undoubtedly have a positive impact on football on the islands.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Technical centre in Tortola
Project approved
22 September 2004
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 75,450 Total cost USD 475,450