Football in Venezuela
In South America, Venezuela is the only country that does not count football as its number one sport. Thanks to the influence of the American way of life, baseball and basketball enjoy more popularity. The national association is trying to boost international relations and to find challenging opposition for the national team. These steps, as well as a variety of youth development programmes, are designed to improve quality and help Venezuela to reach the top of South American football. There is much work to be done - but significant progress has been made in recent years.
The Goal Project
The technical centre and offices of the regional association on the holiday island of Margarita in Porlamar, which are currently under construction, will provide a boost for the entire country. Venezuelan national teams will meet at the centre for training camps. Courses, held as part of the association's various development programmes, and gatherings of youth teams will also take place there.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Technical centre on Isla Margarita
Project approved
Pilot project
Work ongoing
Financed by
Goal USD 500,000 FAP USD 750,000 Association USD 764,008 Total cost USD 2,014,008