Football in Uruguay
With two World Cup titles and two Olympic Football triumphs to their name, as well as a number of Copa América titles, Uruguay currently lie third in the South American rankings. However, most of those successes lie in the past. Having said that, for a relatively small country, Uruguay has produced a number of excellent players in recent years (Recoba, Zalayeta, Fonseca, etc). Hundreds of Uruguayan players earn transfers abroad each year. Sustained youth development work paid dividends in 1997 with qualification for the FIFA U-17 World Championship in Malaysia. A group of players from that team now represent Uruguay at full international level. Uruguayan coaches also enjoy an excellent reputation abroad (Washington Tabarez and Victor Púa, to name but two).
The second Goal project
The project approved by the Goal Bureau on 7 November 2005 is entirely devoted to the areas of women's and youth football and involves the construction of accommodation for women's national teams and youth teams of all ages at the Chárrua Stadium in Montevideo. This will allow the most talented male and female players to gather more regularly in the future, thus ensuring the continued development of the various national teams. With this project the Uruguayan Football Association hopes to make good the ground lost in recent years by the senior Uruguay side.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
National training centre for women's and youth football in Montevideo
Project approved on
7. November 2005
Opened on 9 February 2007
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Total cost USD 400,000