Football in Turkey
Football is the number one sport in Turkey, closely followed by basketball, volleyball, wrestling, weightlifting and handball. The national association can proudly look back upon a number of success stories in recent times. After 48 years of trying, Turkey finally qualified for a FIFA World Cup in 2002, and finished in third place . Hakan Sükür, one of Turkey's most famous players, scored the first goal in the third-place playoff after just 11 seconds - although Korea Republic kicked off - and so entered football history. It was the fastest goal in the history of the FIFA World Cup finals. A third-place finish at the FIFA Confederations Cup France 2003 merely confirmed the progress that Turkey have made in recent years. Apart from Sükür, the other stars of Turkish football include Tugay, Nihat, Rüstü and Emre.
First Goal project
The Goal Bureau of 2 June 2009 approved the Turkish Football Association's project to purchase specific technical equipment for the existing technical centre in Istanbul. The association intends to facilitate working processes in the technical centre with this equipment, which will ultimately benefit the users - including players of all levels and administrators.
Use of FAP funds
Purchase of technical equipment for the technical centre in Istanbul
Project approved on
2 June 2009 Status Implementation
Financed by
Goal USD 400 000 FAP USD 125 000 Total Cost                USD       525 000