Football in Tanzania
Tanzanian football is much better than its reputation would suggest. Formed in 1930, the Football Association of Tanzania initially had an enviable reputation on the African continent, with today's African footballing powers only establishing themselves much later thanks to economic developments. Consequently, financial problems are the main reason for the lack of footballing progress in this East African country. The Tanzanian national team is funded by income from ticket sales for regional league matches, while the association receives little state or private support. However, the first shoots of recovery were recently spotted, with Tanzania holding Kenya, a team placed higher in the ranking, to a 0-0 draw in the FIFA World Cup? preliminary round. Together with the new infrastructure financed by Goal, this result helped breathe new hope into the country.
Second Goal project
The association's training centre in Tanzania has been operating for some time. Because of the local climate and topography, artificial turf is the only answer affording players the same training conditions throughout the year. This project was approved by the Goal Bureau on 21 March 2007 and will enable the training centre in Dar es Salaam to be finished completely. It will now be possible to stage long-term youth development programmes there.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Artificial turf pitch at the training centre in Dar es Salaam
Project approved on
21 March 2007
Goal USD 400,000 Total cost USD 400,000