Football in Serbia
Football has always been the most popular and successful sport in Serbia, the core country of the Yugoslavian federation of states. This fact still applies even after the break-up of the federation despite wrangling over clubs' ownership claims. Nevertheless the Red Star v. Partizan derby is still the highlight of the season throughout the entire area. Serbia has given a great deal to football but also derived enormous benefits - at the Olympic Games as well as at European and world level. Scores of famous players were bred in Serbia, some of whom were equally successful as coaches, including Miljan Miljanic (Real Madrid), Vujadin Bopskov (Sampdoria), Radomir Antic (Atlético Madrid) and Ratomir Dujkovic (national coach of Chile).
The Goal project
The Serbian association requested its own House of Football to accommodate its headquarters and training centre. A suitable site, which is already being used as a sports ground, has been pinpointed and all the signs point to realising the project on this land. The advantages are that the prospective building would be close to the capital, Belgrade, easily accessible with public transport and would complement existing sports facilities.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Association headquarters and technical centre near Belgrade
Project approved
Association selected on 21 March 2007
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Total cost USD 400,000