Football pitch

Project approval date: 2004-02-17

Project location: Dogana

Project description: Installation of artificial turf pitches: standard and futsal sizes

Goal project number: 1

Project status:

Objectives: The objective of this project is:
- to maximise usage of the facility throughout the year and under all weather conditions for the training and competitions of youth teams

Goal contribution400000
FAP contribution144495
MA contribution0
Other contribution0
Total budget544495
ContractorsTotal amount
Realsport /Markus Keller3750
Total paid544495


Project approval date: 2006-12-03

Project location: City of San Marino

Project description: Construction work to complete the FSGC headquarters

Goal project number: 2

Project status:

Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
- to deliver headquarters and administrative offices befitting a football association
- to allow efficient collaboration within different departments

Goal contribution400000
FAP contribution0
MA contribution600000
Other contribution0
Total budget1000000
ContractorsTotal amount
Federazione Sammarinese Giuoco Calcio400000
Total paid400000