Football in Rwanda
Football is extremely popular in Rwanda. In the past, the country has suffered great political unrest caused by tribal warfare and even genocide, and sport was quite evidently affected by this situation. In 1994, the national association re-launched competitions and entered the international fray once again. In 1999, FIFAs support allowed a tournament for East and Central African countries (CECAFA) to be held in Rwanda, with the home team lifting the trophy. This was Rwandan footballs greatest day to date. But more importantly, Rwanda showed the world that it had opened its borders and could welcome foreign visitors once again.
Goal Football Project project for the series)
The establishment of the Goal Football project series marks a new chapter in the history of the Goal Programme: for the first time, funds from this source will be used to specifically assist promising young players. In Rwanda, this means that promising players will be trained in all areas, both physically and mentally, to prepare them for a future in professional football. The primary objective of the project is to ensure a constant pool of players for the U-17 national teams. The success of the project should also encourage clubs to develop similar projects of their own.
Use of FAP funds
Goal Football project (pilot project) Long-term training of young players in Rwanda
Project approved on
22 October 2008
Financed by
Budget: 2009 USD 180,000 2010 USD 120,000 2011 USD 100,000