Football in Portugal
Football is an integral part of the life of many Portuguese and it is by far the most popular sport. Apart from past international triumphs involving Eusebio and co., the string of honours of Portuguese football is reflected primarily in successes achieved by clubs and youth teams. This shows that the association is carrying out constructive development work and that young players mature into internationally renowned names in clubs. This youth development work has been bearing fruit since 1989, when their U-20 team was crowned world champion and their U-16s became European champions. Here are some enlightening facts: U-20 world champions in 1989 and 1991, U-18 European champions in 1994 and 1999, U-17 European champions in 2003, U-16 European champions in 1989, 1995, 1996 and 2000 - simply a brilliant record. Little wonder then that football fans can recite names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco, Paulo Futre, João Pinto, Rui Costa, Luis Figo and many more at the drop of a hat.
Goal Project
One of Europe's leading football nations, Portugal has never owned its own association technical centre. On 4 February 2008, the Goal Bureau approved a project for a football complex to be built in Sintra over the next two years which will provide the national teams of every age category with suitable training and teaching facilities. The association is aiming to reduce costs by encouraging external (regional) organisations to use the tuition rooms as much as possible.
Use of FAP funds
National technical centre in Sintra
Project approved
4 February 2008
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Gesamtkosten USD 400,000