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Goal Programme

Headquarters, Technical centre

  • Project approval date: 2014-03-19
  • Project location: Oeiras, Lisabon
  • Project description:
    Portugal FF intends to construct the “City of Football” project which will include headquarters, technical and logistics centre, 5 football turf fields and one goalkeeper training field as well additional infra-structure such as parking, small stands and rooms for the media
  • Goal project number: 1
  • Project status: Active
  • Objectives:
    • To concentrate the required facilities in one place and to lower costs linked to the actual use of external facilities
    • To provide the various national teams with adequate conditions for training & education
    • To create better conditions for in/house education (employees, referees, coaches and the entire football family
Goal contribution500000
FAP contribution0
MA contribution0
Other contribution0
Total budget500000
Total paid0