Football in Peru
Peru have won the Copa América twice and were regular features at FIFA World Cup? finals in the 1970s and 1980s. Players such as Cubillas and Chumpitaz are still remembered fondly by the football world. Since those halcyon days however, the Peruvian national teams have struggled. Peru hope to recapture their glory days by improving the level of coaching education. The excellent facilities already in place provide impetus for new projects. The players certainly have the talent, but they will require the correct coaching in order to enjoy success as a team.
The first Goal Project
With technical centres in Piura (in Northern Peru, opened on 27 November 2002) and Tacna (the most southerly city in Peru, the first Goal project to be inaugurated in South America, on 16 October 2002) sitting proudly alongside facilities in Lima (with integrated association headquarters) and Chincha (built with money from the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme), the Peruvian FA now has bases in four different areas of the country. The Peruvian FA intends to promote and develop football across the country in an equal, sustained and long-term manner. In this way, they hope to discover and coach new, talented players with a view to helping the national team enjoy success on the world stage once again. «These new pitches will improve and promote the quality of football in our city, and, God willing, also help our beloved team, Atlético Grau, to make it to the first division,» said Father Miguel Medina Pacere, a passionate football fan and a supporter of his local team, in his welcome address.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Two regional technical centres, including administrative offices and pitches in Tacna and Piura
Project approved
29 October 2001
Opened: Tacna on 16 October, Piura 27 November 2002
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 250,000 NA USD 198,946 Government Land Total cost USD 848,946