Football in Norway
Founded in 1902, the Norwegian football association can look back on an impressive, although unspectacular, history. It celebrated a string of successes in the Olympic Football Tournaments that culminated in winning the bronze medal in 1936. But other football chapters have been writing history too. Since the women's league was established in 1973, it has been enjoying one triumph after another. In 1987, they won the European championship on home ground and, in 1988, the unofficial World Cup in PR China. Their last major triumph was Olympic gold in Sydney in 2000. But Norwegian football outshines in other respects too. The association organises the world's biggest football tournament for children and teenagers through the Norway Cup. As a seafaring nation, Norway also organises a worldwide network of football matches among teams from oceangoing vessels.
Goal Project
The Norwegian association coordinates a colossal number of more than 330,000 football matches a year - an impressive figure, given the antiquated means at its disposal. Norway's first project is therefore modernisation of its IT equipment. On 4 February 2008, the Goal Bureau approved the construction of a modern, football-oriented IT system designed to relieve the burden of central, regional and local activities.
Use of FAP funds
Football-oriented IT system in the association headquarters in Oslo
Project approved
4 February 2008
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Association USD 1,600,000 Total cost USD 2,000,000