Football in Niger
As in the majority of African countries, football is the number one sport in Niger. Although the country's players still have amateur status, Niger have enjoyed a considerable amount of success on the international stage since 1976, including a run to the quarter-finals of the African qualifiers for the 1982 FIFA World Cup?, only to lose to Algeria, a team that clinched a spot in Spain. At confederation level, Niger first entered the African Cup of Nations in 1969, but their debut was to be short but sweet, as they were outclassed by a Ghanaian team firmly established at international level. However, practice makes perfect and results soon improved. The association quickly recognised the benefit of youth development work and in recent years, Niger have been concentrating on working with younger players. This decision has already borne fruit: the «Nigerien Cadets» now play in international competitions and Niger will have the honour of hosting the 5th Francophone Games in 2005.
The first Goal Project
Having been selected for a Goal project on 4 July 2001, Niger presented their project - the construction of association headquarters and a technical centre in Niamey - on 4 May 2002. With its own purpose-built headquarters, the association will be able to improve their organisation and supervision of football in Niger. The new technical centre will have facilities for every area of football development work: education, youth development, development programmes, etc. The head of state donated land for the association headquarters, while the technical centre was built on land provided by the Niger Government. Funds from Goal and the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme covered  the costs.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Association headquarters and technical centre in Niamey
Project approved
4 March 2002
Opened on 4 June 2005
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 227,022 Total cost USD 627,022