Football pitch

Project approval date: 2008-02-04

Project location: Paramaribo

Project description: Construction of small-sized football turf pitches and renovation of floodlights in 11 locations. The project also includes a small-sized football pitch at the national technical centre

Goal project number: 1

Project status:

Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
-to improve the training of youth, women, schools and disabled players
-to allow nationwide growth of grassroots football

Goal contribution400000
FAP contribution0
MA contribution0
Other contribution0
Total budget400000
ContractorsTotal amount
Purchase of equipment for infrastructure in Surinam400000
Total paid400000

Football pitch

Project approval date: 2011-10-18

Project location: Bonaire

Project description: Construction of two full-sized and one small-sized football pitch and extension of the existing facilities. The project includes: accommodation facilities mini-pitches.

Goal project number: 2

Project status:

Objectives: The objective of this project is:
-to provide more facilities for boys and girls to play leagues and school football

Goal contribution500000
FAP contribution0
MA contribution175000
Other contribution0
Total budget675000