Football in Madagascar
Football is the top sport on the largest island in the Indian Ocean - with an area of 592,000 km2 and a population of 14.5 million (45% under the age of 20). The national association has 600 affiliated clubs and 16,000 registered players (including 800 women), all of whom are amateurs. On account of the distances involved, football championships are organised on a regional basis, with all of the winners contesting a final tournament in Antananarivo. Youth and women's football have enjoyed increased attention in recent times, with appropriate regional competitions already having been launched. In addition, youth teams across the country also play for the President's Cup and senior teams the National Cup. All football played in Madagascar is at amateur level. A small number of players have made the grade in foreign leagues, including Augustin Andriamiarinosy in Angola and Arsène Malabary with French club Lens. Retired top player Etienne Rasoaniaivo has seen three of his offspring make it into the Madagascar national team.
Second Goal project
The Madagascar football association submitted a second project, which will concentrate on improving the stadium in Rabemananjara, to the Goal Bureau meeting on 4 February 2008. This project, which will build a new spectator stand as well as facilities such as toilets and bathrooms, was approved by the Goal Bureau.
Use of FAP funds
New stand and other facilities at stadium in Rabemananjara
Project approved
4 February 2008
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Other sources USD 36,297 Total cost USD 436,297