Education activities

GoalkeepingGoalkeeping2013-09-02 - 2013-09-06VENCEL Alexander (SVK)
YouthMA/confederation coaching courses 2013-07-29 - 2013-08-02MASSON Frans (BEL)
CoachingMA/confederation coaching courses 2013-06-10 - 2013-06-14THONDOO Govinden (MRI)
AdministrationWin in Africa – administration & management2012-04-06 - 2012-04-20MALIE Jacques (MRI)
CoachingMA/confederation coaching courses 2011-08-08 - 2011-08-12THONDOO Govinden (MRI)
Club managementWin in Africa – administration & management2010-10-20 - 2010-10-25MALIE Jacques (MRI), LOCATE Ismael (FRA)
CoachingWin in Africa – coaching2008-07-07 - 2008-07-13RITSCHARD Michel (SUI)

Women's football

WomenGirls' festival2013-09-07 - 2013-09-07
WomenWomen's football courses2013-09-02 - 2013-09-06VON SIEBENTHAL Beatrice (SUI)
WomenWomen's football consultancy2013-02-27 - 2013-03-04HAZIRAJ Sonia (FRA)
WomenWomen's football courses2011-09-28 - 2011-10-02HAZIRAJ Sonia (FRA)
WomenWomen's football consultancy2011-03-13 - 2011-03-25HAZIRAJ Sonia (FRA)
WomenWomen's football consultancy2010-10-22 - 2010-10-30HARIZAJ, Sonia (FRA)


RefereeingRefereeing courses2013-12-09 - 2013-12-13NABINA Dawili (COD)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2012-12-03 - 2012-12-07Ahmed ELSHENAWI (EGY), LIM KEE CHONG An Yan (MRI), NDJOYA Augustin (CMR)
RefereeingRefereeing courses2011-07-05 - 2011-07-09ELSHENAWI Ahmed (EGY), HADQA Yahya (MAR), HANNACHI Boubaker (TUN)
RefereeingWin in Africa – refereeing2010-10-01 - 2010-10-05ELSHENAWI Ahmed (EGY), HANNACHI Boubaker (TUN), HADQA Yahya (MAR)


GrassrootsGrassroots2014-10-13 - 2014-10-18THONDOO Govinden (MRI)
GrassrootsGrassroots2014-10-05 - 2014-10-11THONDOO Govinden (MRI)
GrassrootsGrassroots2012-06-05 - 2012-06-09THONDOO Govinden (MRI)
GrassrootsGrassroots2011-03-07 - 2011-03-18THONDOO Govinden (MRI)

PERFORMANCE activities

General secretary mentoring, Organisational review/Leadership retreat, Technical assessment, Technical director mentoringStrategic2012-11-28 - 2012-12-02BRUSCOLI Francesco, DO-Cairo, Egypt, BENEZET Jean Michel, MARECHAL Etienne
Marketing and revenue generation – generalImplementation2013-05-20 - 2013-05-22MARECHAL Etienne
Communication, Marketing and revenue generation – generalImplementation2013-07-15 - 2013-07-20MARECHAL Etienne