Football in Liechtenstein
Football is clearly the number one sport in Liechtenstein in terms of the number of active players and public and media interest.  Two events stand out in the history of Liechtenstein football.  On 29 March 2003, the Liechtenstein national team lost 2-0 to England in a close-fought encounter.  That match stood out for two reasons. First of all, the country was challenged to meet all of the necessary security arrangements for the match. Secondly, the national team impressed with its performance against the favourites from England, and was rather unfortunate not to record a better result.  More recently, the Alpine nation has recorded creditable results against top sides with increasing frequency, most likely as a result of improving standards across the game as a whole. In July 2003, the European U-19 Championship was held in Liechtenstein.  This small country organised the event to perfection, and was rewarded with some excellent football.
The Goal Project
After a lengthy search, the Liechtenstein football association has finally found an appropriate place to set up permanent home.  On 22 September 2004, the Goal Bureau endorsed the purchase of an existing property (with adjoining land) that will allow the Liechtenstein FA to increase the efficiency of its administration. With no rent to pay in future, the association will have extra funds at its disposal to launch a whole host of new initiatives. In addition to support from Goal, the project has also benefited from funds from UEFA's HatTrick programme and the association's own coffers.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Association headquarters in Vaduz
Project approved
22 September 2004
Opened on 27 April 2006
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Confederation USD 1,850,000 Total cost USD 2,250,000