Football in Lesotho
Football is the oldest and most popular sport in Lesotho, and is enjoyed by 80% of those who play sport. Football receives the lion's share of the modest amount of funding provided by the country's government, and is therefore the sport the most likely to be able to unite the country, which is made up of various religions and political beliefs. The national team's greatest successes have been achieved in the regional COSAFA Cup (confederation of South African football associations). They reached the Final in 2000 by defeating Zambia and Angola, as well as the quarter-finals 12 months earlier. Styles Phumo is the most famous name in the history of football in Lesotho. He was the first homegrown coach to take over the reins of the national team, as the national association previously had a policy of hiring coaches from abroad. In 1998, he was appointed coach of Celtics FC in South Africa. He is currently the assistant coach of the South African national team.
The second Goal project
Since its inauguration on 8 April 2002, the Lesotho Football Asson's first Goal project, entailing the construction of new headquarters and a technical centre in Maseru, has proved to be an excellent investment. On 22 September 2004, the Goal Bureau approved a second project in Lesotho, this time to construct purpose-built regional offices, dressing rooms alongeexisting training pitches and a regional training centre. The government has donated the requisite land and a generous benefactor has agreed to supplement the funds allocated to the project from Goal and the FIFA Financial Assistance Pro.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Regional football facilities and offices
Project approved
22 September 2004
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 3,535 Government USD 100,000 Total cost USD 503,535