Football in Jordan
The staunchest fan of Jordanian football is the King of Jordan himself no less. It comes as no surprise therefore to learn that the government donated land to the national association for the construction of ten football pitches for the country's first-division clubs. Jordan was the first country to win two successive Panarabian Games (in 1997 and 1999). Coach Mohd Abu Alawad, former national team captain, was awarded the highest accolade for coaching in the country for this achievement - the Golden Coach prize. Other impressive results were runners-up and third place at the West Asian Games and Arab Nations Cup respectively, both staged in 2002.
The first Goal Project
Jordan was chosen as one of eleven pilot projects for the Goal Programme. FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter inaugurated the new association headquarters on 5 June 2001, accompanied by Mohamed Bin Hammam (Qatar), the chairman of the Goal Bureau, and Prince Ali, president of the association and a brother of the King of Jordan. Funds from Goal and the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme funded the premises built on land donated by the Jordan Government. More staff have been appointed (now 25) to work full-time for football in the new headquarters.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Association headquarters in Amman
Project approved
Pilot project
Opened on 5 June 2001
Financed by
Goal USD 530,000 FAP USD 237,479 Total cost USD 767,479