Football in Jamaica
Football is clearly the number one sport in Jamaica, closely followed by cricket and athletics. Jamaica have qualified on five occasions for the CONCACAF continental championship (Gold Cup), finishing third in 1993 and fourth in 1998. However, the island's greatest day came in 1998 with the national team's debut appearance at the FIFA World Cup? finals in France. Qualification for the FIFA World Youth Championship 2001 and the FIFA U-17 World Championship 1999 is evidence of the excellent work being carried out at youth level. John Barnes (a Jamaican-born player who played many games for Liverpool FC and England) is still the most famous player from the island. Frank Sinclair, Fitzroy Simpson and Paul Hall are three other Jamaican players who have played at the very highest level of English football.
Goal project
Jamaica has been on the list of beneficiary countries since 2003. On 15 October 2003, a project to build a technical centre was approved, and this project underwent changes before being submitted for final approval on 15 March 2006. A building in Malvern St. Elizabeth will be purchased and transformed into a training centre complete with accommodation facilities that will offer excellent conditions for all levels. Funds from the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme and the Jamaican FA also financed the construction of headquarters for the association in Kingston, which FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter opened in May 1999. These modern facilities enable the Jamaican FA to complete its daily work, to plan and introduce new projects and to coordinate the domestic championships.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Purchase and transformation of property into a training centre in Malvern, St. Elizabeth
Project approved on
15 March 2006
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 173,000 Association USD 161,000 Total cost USD 734,000