Football in Iceland
With 20,000 players (men and women) registered at clubs, football is easily the most popular sport in Iceland. However, the national team has never qualified for the final competition of a major tournament, although Iceland did host the U-18 European Championship in 1997. In the draw for EURO 2004, Iceland, a country with sparse population numbers (just 290,000 people live in a country measuring 104,000 km2were placed among the third level of seeds, a reflection of the quality of Icelandic football within Europe.  
The second Goal project
On 3 December 2006, the Goal Bureau gave the Icelandic football association (KSI) the go-ahead for a technical centre in Reykjavik to be built on the same site as the KSI's headquarters, whose construction was made possible in the association's first Goal project. Together with the nearby national stadium, these facilities unite administration, development and practice in one place and thus perfectly embody the vision of the "House of Football".  
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Technical centre in Reykjavik
Project approved on
3 December 2006
Opened on 28 July 2007
Financed (projects 1 and 2) by
Goal USD 400,000 Association USD 1,040,000 Other sources USD 16,560,000 Total cost USD 18,000,000