Project approval date: 2001-07-04

Project location: Delhi

Project description: Construction of the association’s headquarters

Goal project number: 1

Project status:

Objectives: The objective of this project is:
-to deliver headquarters and administrative offices befitting a football association

Goal contribution400000
FAP contribution299281
MA contribution75000
Other contribution55000
Total budget829281
ContractorsTotal amount
Total paid699281

Technical centre

Project approval date: 2006-12-03

Project location: Bangalore, Gangtok

Project description: Construction of natural turf pitches, hostel facilities and administrative buildings at the technical centre

Goal project number: 2

Project status:

Objectives: The objective of this project is:
-to develop football in the regions of North East and South India

Goal contribution400000
FAP contribution458950
MA contribution0
Other contribution1831345
Total budget2690295
ContractorsTotal amount
Building Space and Design10406
Citadel Associated Engineers pvt Ltd525000
Vishwanath & Associates26250
Sonam Topgay Bhutia297293
Total paid858949

Football academy

Project approval date: 2012-03-27

Project location: Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi

Project description: Creation of four regional academies: Mumbai (U-15); Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore (U-14)

Goal project number: 3

Project status:

Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
-to identify groups of talented young players at the U-15 and U-14 levels
-to provide professional conditions for young talent
-to increase the level and profile of youth football in the country
-to increase the chances of participation in international competitions for the youth national teams

Goal contribution500000
FAP contribution41769
MA contribution0
Other contribution0
Total budget541769
ContractorsTotal amount
All India FF500000
Total paid500000