Football in Indonesia
No other sport is as popular as football in Indonesia. In the 1970s, Indonesia ranked along one of Asia's leading football nations. In 1991, they won the South East Asian Games. Earlier on - in Melbourne in 1956 - they had qualified for their first and only Olympic Football Tournament. Several players are now playing or used to play in foreign leagues. The most famous names are Ricky Yacob (Kashima Football Club in Japan), Bima Sakti (in Sweden) and Kurniawan (in Switzerland).
Goal project
For reasons beyond the association's control, it proved impossible to implement the project to build a national training centre approved by the Goal Bureau on 1 May 2003, as a result of which the project was re-submitted to the Bureau on 21 March 2007 in a revised form. The project now involves the partial renovation of a training centre in order to adapt it to the concept of a "house of football", i.e. a central location incorporating the association's headquarters, classrooms, accommodation for overnight stays, a futsal hall, a swimming pool, several football pitches and other facilities for national teams. The centre will bring the association's administrative and technical facilities together under one roof and is expected to produce good results across the board. The area used by the association occupies slightly more than a third of the entire complex, whose owner has signed a lease for more than 30 years with the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI). The complex is also home to Indonesian Premier League club Pelita Jaya.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Partial renovation of a training complex in Pelita Jaya
Project approved on
21 March 2007
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Total cost USD 400,000