Football in Haiti
Haiti last qualified for the final competition of the FIFA World Cup? in 1974 in Germany. Since then, however, we have not heard a great deal about the footballing exploits of a country often beset by political problems. Courses are often organised in collaboration with FIFA in an attempt to promote football, but a lack of follow-up action has meant that these courses have not been as effective as they could have been. The country itself has a wealth of young, talented footballers, but a lack of sufficient training etc has stifled their progress. A series of youth development and educational programmes should change that. FIFA's long-term planning strategy for Haiti should ensure that the projects to be implemented are realistic and sustained.
Third Goal project
The artificial turf pitch, which was approved by the Goal Bureau on 22 October 2008, will be part of the Haitian football academy that was built in Port-au-Prince under the country's first two Goal projects. Thanks to the addition of an all-weather pitch, players of all ages will be able to use the training centre all year round, which will also lead to the introduction of long-term training programmes.
Use of FAP funds
Artificial turf pitch at national football academy in Port-au-Prince
Project approved on
22 October 2008
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Total cost USD 400,000