Football in Guatemala
As in the rest of Central America, football is the most popular sport in Guatemala too. The biggest competition to have been organised in Guatemala so far was the FIFA Futsal World Championship. Otherwise the association has not yet managed to qualify for the final round of a FIFA competition. Few Guatemalan players have made it to foreign shores. Carlos Ruiz and Freddy Garcia (both playing in Mexico) and Guillermo Ramirez (in Spain) are two exceptions to the rule. Ruiz is the idol of young Guatemalan football fans. In his very first season playing for Major League Soccer in the USA, he was voted the Most Valuable Player.
The first Goal Project
FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter and FIFA Vice-President Jack A. Warner opened the sports complex built using funds from Goal and the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme on 26 November 2002. Situated ten minutes away from the city centre in one of the best areas of Guatemala City, it has a building with accommodation for 44 players and six officials in addition to three pitches. The centre will be the focal point for intensive long-term development work planned by the Guatemalan association. It was built on land donated by the municipality headed by its President, Fritz Garcia Gallont. He thanked FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter for the fact that Guatemala had been able to benefit from the programme and granted him the freedom to Guatemala City. Yet another milestone in Guatemalan football history is about to be set. The association's headquarters, funded by the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme will soon be opening its doors.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Technical centre with pitches in Guatemala City
Project approved
29 October 2001
Opened on 26 November 2002
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 250,000 Total cost USD 650,000