Football on Fiji
Football is the overriding sport on the island of Fiji. The Fiji Football Association nurtures hopes of one day toppling the giants in Oceania and qualifying for a FIFA final competition. The U-20 team almost pulled this feat off when it defeated New Zealand only to stumble against Australia in the qualifying play-off. Only a few of their local players have managed to make a career as professional footballers. Esala Masinisau is currently the only player under contract with a professional club - Newcastle United in Australia. Several former top players are now involved in coaching local teams.
The second Goal project
The second Goal project represents the first step in the construction of association headquarters to be extended at a later stage to include a large complex with football pitches as well as accommodation and training facilities. The project's modular principle for extension will enable the association to concentrate on its immediate needs and create ideal conditions for administrative and sports activities. Regional officials, who will be invited to attend development and training programmes, will benefit from the improved, centralised facilities.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Association headquarters and technical Centre in Nadawa
Project approved
17 February 2005
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 100,000 Association USD 130,000 Other sources USD 50,000 Total cost USD 680,000