Football in Equatorial Guinea
Despite disappointing results in the past, the number of football fans in Equatorial Guinea remains very high. The sport that was introduced during the period of Spanish colonialism has become a tradition and enjoys unbounded popularity in the nation. The league championship is organised on a national and regional level and is split into a first (17 teams), second and third division, in addition to a women's national competition. Although Equatorial Guinea is still awaiting its first major footballing success, its national teams already compete in all FIFA and CAF championships. For the time being, victories over the Central African Republic at the UNIFFAC Cup in Libreville are the nation's most notable achievements.
The first Goal Project
At its meeting on 4 March 2002, the Goal Bureau endorsed the construction of a technical centre in Malabo. Funds from Goal and the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme are being used to finance the project, which will be realised on land donated by the government. Construction is due to be completed in autumn 2003. The complex comprises football pitches, accommodation, office space for technical staff, dressing rooms and a small restaurant. It will be available to all of Equatorial Guinea's national teams. Moreover, plans are afoot to set up a football academy for the nation's most promising young footballers (boys and girls) in various age groups. An action plan is being drawn up, which in addition to elaborating a detailed programme of initiatives, will also ensure that the facilities are properly maintained.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Technical centre in Malabo
Project approved
4 March 2002
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 36,000 Others USD 135,000 Government Land Total cost USD 571,000