Football in the Dominican Republic
Football is listed as the fourth most popular sport in the Dominican Republic, as athletics, volleyball and baseball are all currently more popular than our game. But in recent years, football has continued to gain in popularity, particularly among young people. However, no player from the Dominican Republic has earned a transfer to a professional league abroad. On a positive note, in 2001, the national association celebrated its first significant success, with the U-23 team winning the «Copa de Las Antillas».
Second Goal project
The San Cristobal centre for football development inaugurated in July 2003 will be raised by one storey to accommodate bedrooms and medical rooms. A separate building nearby contains dressing rooms and toilets for everyone using the different pitches that also belong to the training centre. This extension is the culmination of the original plan for a fully equipped and functioning technical centre, funded by Goal and partly by the association's own resources.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Extension of project 1 to the training centre
Project approved on
15 March 2006
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 135,221 Total cost USD 535,221