Football in Djibouti
90% of young people in Djibouti play football. There is therefore no doubt that the sport is easily the country's most popular. In 1998, the national association participated in the qualifying competitions for the African Cup of Nations and the FIFA World Cup? for the first time. A national championship, coordinated centrally by the national association, is in place at all levels.
Third Goal project
The project approved by the Goal Bureau on 22 October 2008 will give the Djibouti football association the finances to cover the second phase of extension work on its national training centre. This phase will focus on the addition of new infrastructure and training equipment to improve fitness levels and medical care for the benefit of coaches, technical instructors and referees.
Use of FAP funds
Further extension of Djibouti's national training centre
Project approved on
22 October 2008
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Total cost USD 400,000