Football in the Czech Republic
Sport fans in the Czech Republic are spoiled. They can look forward to watching a world-class team competing in every season of the year - in summer, their national football team that has been a member of the European and world elite for decades and, in winter, their revered ice hockey team. It is not therefore clear which sport holds the upper hand in the region. Both types of sport enjoyed generous government support in years gone by, sprouting a series of impressive triumphs and a flurry of players around the world. Some players who earned their spurs in Czech clubs still play for major teams, especially in Europe.  This high standard is a legacy that has been fine-tuned by taking part regularly in major final competitions and notching up several victories in various categories. The resultant success story propels them to even greater exploits.
Goal project
At its meeting on 17 February 2004, the Goal Bureau added the Czech Republic to the list of countries that may submit a project to be funded by Goal. The Football Association of Czech Republic is currently examining a number of project proposals and is due to submit a request to the Goal Bureau ahead of the meeting in September 2006.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Type of project still unknown
Project approved on
Association selected on 17 February 2004
In planning