Football in Cuba
Football only comes in at number five in the list of the most popular sports in Chile. Thanks to Cuban success at World Championships and Olympic Games, baseball, athletics, basketball and volleyball are currently more popular than football. The national association cannot look back upon such success stories, but it is working hard to make progress, especially in the area of youth football. At the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2002, the Cuban national team raised a few eyebrows by securing creditable draws against Korea Republic, one of the success stories of the World Cup finals, and the USA.
The first Goal Project
Cuban football has a new home in the shape of the new national association headquarters in the «Escuela Nacional Mario López Alfonso» at the Pedro Marrero stadium. The new home in Havana was inaugurated by the Cuban Sports Minister, HumoR. González, and Goal Bureau member Harold Taylor on 26 October 2002. Funds from Goal and the Cuban Governtare being used to finance this initiative. The governtalso donated the necessary land. With accommodation for coaches and players, a medical centre, conference rooms and a library, the new complex is sure to be the centre of Cuban football.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
National association headquarters with training facilities in Havana
Project approved
29 October 2001
Opened on 26 October 2002
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Government USD 250,000 Total cost USD 650,000