Football in Colombia
Colombia has a strong footballing pedigree, with good development programmes in place for refereeing and youth football. The national association celebrated its finest hour with the Copa America triumph in 2001. Many Colombian players, such as Valderrama, Rincon, Mondragon and Asprilla, have played professional football abroad. The most famous coaches are Francisco Maturana, who has returned to coach the Colomnnational team after a short stint in Saudi Arabia, and Hernán «Bolillo» Gómez, who led Ecuador to the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan?.
The Goal Project
On 22 September 2004, the Goal Bureau approved plans for a centrally located technical centre within easy reach of Colomsthree major agglomerations (Bogota, Medellin and Cali). The centre will comprise three football pitches, dressing rooms and a three-storey building to be used as a hotel and offices.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
National technical centre
Project approved
22 September 2004
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 480,000 Government USD 270,000 Total cost USD 1,150,000