Football in Brunei Darussalam
Little information about football in this tiny sultanate reaches the outside world. However, the association was founded in 1959 and has an ordered structure. Brunei's national teams have appeared in many Asian and FIFA tournaments. Brunei made their international debut in the preliminary round for the 1986 FIFA World Cup? in Mexico, but struggled to make an impression and failed to win any points. A similar story unfolded during the qualifiers for the 2002 event. The domestic game has developed, however, mainly thanks to sponsorship deals with major companies. Originally consisting of 10 teams, the current B-League is now broken down into Premier I (10 teams) and Premier II (14 teams). In March 2005, the Sultan opened the nine-team ASEAN U-21 Championship, which was hosted by Brunei.
Goal Project
The Brunei Darussalam association was included in the list of members to benefit from Goal three years ago, when it was suggested that any project would be directed at improving the infrastructure of the organisation's work. On 4 February 2008, the Goal Bureau approved a two-storey headquarters including offices and meeting rooms adjacent to a multipurpose hall.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Association headquarters with meeting rooms and multipurpose hall
Project approved
4 February 2008
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 1,199,405 Total cost USD 1,599,405