Football in Bolivia
The most significant successes of Bolivian football date back to 1963 (Copa America) and 1985 (U-17 South American Championship), with Bolivia winning both tournaments. Since then, those who follow the most popular sport in Bolivia have had to be satisfied with qualifying for various events, such as the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the USA, for example. Certain players - mainly from the 1994 team - have graced leagues abroad, including Marco Echeverry and Erwin Sanchez, for example. Bolivian coaches rarely leave their homeland. One of the exceptions to that rule is Ramiro Blacutt, who coaches a team in Ecuador. A number of years ago, Bolivia launched a successful youth programme in the form of the «Academia Tahuichi», which concentrates on socalled «street children». As well as receiving standard education in a number of subjects, these children also learn about football.
The Goal Project
Construction work on the Centre of Excellence in Vinto, Cochabamba is nearing completion, as the centre will be opened in the near future. This project has been financed by the Goal Programme and FIFA's Financial Assistance Programme, with the national association and Bolivian Government also contributing to the costs. The national teams will soon have ideal facilities in which to prepare for international matches. Furthermore, emphasis is also placed on long-term development work, which is designed to breathe new life into football in Bolivia. Other areas to be promoted with the help of the government include youth and women's football, as well as school's football. The government is an avid supporter of football in the country.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Centre of Excellence in Vinto, Cochabamba
Project approved
4 July 2001
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 51,855 NA USD 455,837 Local Government USD 570,000 Total cost USD 1,477,692