Football in Bhutan
Archery is the national sport in Bhutan, but football comes a close second and in recent years the game has increased enormously in its popularity, particularly among younger generations. In 1983, the National Olympic Committee admitted the Bhutan Football Federation to its ranks as a fully fledged member. The federation joined the AFC in 1993 and then FIFA on 5 August 2000. League championships in various categories (senior, youth, women) are organised at school, district, regional and national level. The nation's biggest sporting success so far was a 4-0 victory over Montserrat in the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking's «battle of the basement». In organisational terms, the nation hosted the matches in Group F of the preliminary round of the Asian Cup 2004. Khare B. Basnet is the most renowned player and coach in the country.
The first Goal Project
The headquarters of the national association, together with a youth academy and a new playing surface, is currently being built in Thimphu and is scheduled to be ready for use in the near future. It will allow all administrative and technical activities to be organised, coordinated and carried out from one central location. Young players should be the primary beneficiaries of the new facilities. The accommodation will be ideal for holding coaching courses for the most promising youngsters in various age categories. Development programmes for referees, coaches, officials and sports medics will also play a key role in the planned activities. A longterm development plan for football in Bhutan is being drafted, so the complex is coming at the perfect point in time.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
National association headquarters and youth development centre in Thimphu
Project approved
4 March 2002
Opened on 15 May 2005
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 FAP USD 100,000 Total cost USD 500,000