Football in Australia
Football may not be the number one sport in Australia, but it is certainly the game with the greatest potential for development. Since the induction of the new association management in particular, the number of new players has continually increased - especially in women's football, which in terms of development has left all other women's games trailing in its wake. This has also led to the creation of a new league, due to be launched in 2005. Australia have always been the heavyweight power in Oceania, but in recent years, the Aussies have often impressed on the world stage (fourth place at Atlanta '96; runner-up at 1997 FIFA Confederations Cup; third place at 2001 FIFA Confederations Cup; runner-up at 1999 FIFA U-17 World Championship), results that underline the huge potential in Australia.
The Goal Project
The Football Federation of Australia's aim is to have its own "House of Football" in the centre or suburbs of Sydney.  The Goal Bureau approved just such a project on 22 September 2004. Given the huge financial commitment involved, Goal funds make up just 20% of the overall budget. However, the association expects a significant upturn in fortunes, due to the savings on previous rent and the fact that a centralised management team will be able to improve the coordination of football development initiatives.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Association headquarters in Sydney
Project approved
22 September 2004
Financed by
Goal USD 400,000 Other sources USD 1,600,000 Total cost USD 2,000,000