Football in Antigua and Barbuda
Although football is the sport played the most in Antigua and Barbuda, it has a tough competitor in the shape of cricket, a game traditionally played in all of the Commonwealth countries. But until now, success has been out of the country's reach and local players do not earn transfers to professional leagues abroad. The national association is trying to develop football on the two islands of Antigua and Barbuda in equal measure. With this in mind, a regional body has been set up in Barbuda, which, while under the supervision of the main body in St. Johns (Antigua), will be responsible for local tournaments on the island. In recent years, the national association has employed a number of foreign coaches, who, as well as being responsible for the national teams, are also in charge of training coaches and supervising youth football.
The second Goal project
The training centre built under Project I (a natural-turf pitch with fencing and various facilities) is to be expanded to a technical centre. This expansion, submitted as Project II, was approved by the Goal Bureau in summer 2005. In addition to a new pitch, the work includes the raising of the security fence, the installation of floodlights and the construction of dressing rooms. The total costs of USD 500,000 will be financed from the standard Goal subsidy, the public purse and a private collection, while future running costs will be funded under FIFA's Financial Assistance Programme.
Use of FAP funds
Financing of Goal project
Upgrading of the facilities constructed under Project I to a technical centre
Project approved in
summer 2005
Financed by
Goal USD 503,098 MA USD 50,000 Government USD 100,000 Total costs USD 603,098