Football pitch

Project approval date: 2003-05-01

Project location: Kabul

Project description: Installation of a football turf pitch at the AFF complex in Kabul

Goal project number: 1

Project status:

Objectives: The objective of this project is:
-to support the league and enable matches to take place in an adequate environment

Goal contribution1000000
FAP contribution198887
MA contribution0
Other contribution0
Total budget1198887
ContractorsTotal amount
Consultant Artificial Turf Project Afghanistan - Medici Construction - Eric Harrison15751
Greenfields BV1130000
Additional costs for a fence (not included in the contract)53136
Total paid1198887


Project approval date: 2010-10-26

Project location: Kabul

Project description: Construction of the association’s headquarters. The project is part of a football complex that includes an artificial turf pitch and a technical centre

Goal project number: 2

Project status:

Objectives: The objectives of this project are:
-to deliver headquarters and administrative offices befitting a football association
-to improve the association’s training facilities
-to help the association to optimise the use of its headquarters

Goal contribution400000
FAP contribution175000
MA contribution0
Other contribution0
Total budget575000
ContractorsTotal amount
Ehsanullah Timor Engineeing and Technical Services Company Ltd (ETESC)5000
Peshsaaz Nawin Close Shareholding Construction Company240022
Total paid245022