Football for Hope supports programmes all over the world that combine football and social development. This includes funding and equipment, as well as projects that offer training, capacity building and know-how exchange on topics such as monitoring and evaluation, curriculum development and communication.

Each year, Football for Hope supports many new programmes that specifically address social challenges in local communities. Since its inception, Football for Hope has supported more than 100 programmes in over 50 countries.

Eligibility criteria

Football for Hope supports programmes which are:

  • run by legally registered entities with non-governmental status (e.g. NGo, Cbo, charity);
  • politically and religiously independent and not-for-profit;
  • non-discriminatory in any way (e.g. social, ethnic, racial, religious, gender-based);
  • using football to address social issues and promote social development; • on-going and target children and young people;
  • financially sustainable and have a long-term approach.