Achievements of Football for Hope
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Since its inception, Football for Hope has supported many programmes around the world and hosted a number of official events at FIFA tournaments which have brought together young leaders from around the world to exchange experiences.

Over the years, Football for Hope has provided funds for an increasing number of programmes:

  • in 2005, 4 programmes supported
  • in 2006, 17 programmes supported
  • in 2007, 41 programmes supported
  • in 2008, 40 programmes supported
  • in 2009, 43 programmes supported
  • in 2010, 59 programmes supported

These efforts by FIFA, its partners and the organisations working with young people in the different communities have been recognised by the following institutions:

- “Spirit of Sport” Award 2011: Football for Hope received the “Spirit of Sport” Award by SportAccord acknowledging the achievements of a growing programme that has already benefited projects across 60 different nations.

- Peace and Sport Award 2010: Football for Hope was recognised for using the unique appeal and core values of football to contribute to programmes around the world focusing on subjects as diverse as education, health, peacebuilding and reconciliation.

- Global Sports Forum Trophy 2010: Football for Hope was recognised for its unstinting work in advancing and promoting football as a tool for social development and for its continuous support of – at the time - over 100 programmes in more than 50 countries.

The following highlights of Football for Hope since its inception in 2005 are detailed below:

  • Football for Hope Festival 2010
  • Football for Hope Forum 2009
  • South American Football for Hope Festival 2008