Football United, Australia

Using football to integrate refugees into Australian society

Founded in 2006, Football United uses football to support the integration of refugee children, young people and their families into urban communities throughout Australia. Football United facilitates community partnerships, advocates and promotes refugee support, and undertakes research to achieve its mission of assisting recently arrived young refugees and their families, many of whom have fled persecution and civil war, in their transition into Australian society.

Football United runs weekly football and futsal programmes, holiday camps, leadership training and gala days. The organisation has been successful in gaining the support of local and national football clubs and bodies, the government and high-profile members of the football and media communities.

Fédération Tahitienne de Football, Tahiti

The Fédération Tahitienne de Football is a leader in engaging with the community

The Fédération Tahitienne de Football (FTF) became a member of FIFA in 1990. The FTF not only pursues the standard objectives of an affiliated federation but, since 2005, has been determined to play an active role in social programs for the benefit of local communities and the country at large by using football as a tool for empowering people.

The FTF has taken the lead by developing partnerships with non-football organisations working in different sectors of society, such as the Federation for the Disabled and Mentally Handicapped. Football is being used as a tool to address issues including health, child abuse, mental and emotional stress and truancy. Even if Tahiti has never qualified for the World Cup, the FTF is a leader in terms of engaging with the community and selected to participate at Festival 2010.